Nisyros island Retreat: July 1-July8

Ikaria island Retreat: July 11-July 18  & July 11-July 16

Our yoga lessons are daily at dawn and  sunset, in the beautiful open air sites of the Greek islands. The total cost of participation includes accomodation, semi-diet with local organic delicacies, daily lessons, and natural activities. After the lessons we offer optional group activities, such as boat trips, hiking with nature guides, or visits to places of archaeological and cultural interest. Our aim, is to offer ''an insider's view'' in the islands with respect to their particular culture and environment, together with a restoring week of yoga & meditation.

Nisyros island Yoga & Experience Retreat 2018: July 1-July 8

''..Nisyros is very much off the tourist radar – apart from the day trippers from nearby Kos who come to witness the magnificent volcano. Yet for those seeking an island of natural beauty, goats wandering meadows stippled with beehives, soaring mountain views and wildlflowers, intimate Nisyros is just the ticket. Mandraki, is a sleepy little fishing village garlanded with chic cafes, while hilltop villages Nikea and Emborios are stunning. ..Those who chance a visit often return, again and again.''(Lonely Planet). We will be staying in the main settlement- Mandraki, in the beautiful and quiet Porfyris hotel.Yoga and meditation lessons will be in outdoors sites of the island and at open sites of our accomodation with views of the sea and the volcano.

Total Cost of Participation & What does this include?

Retreat in Nisyros island: 460 euros(in a single room) or, 360 euros(in a shared room with one more person. )This is the cost including 7 nights accomodation in Porfyris hotel with breakfast with local products, in rooms with modern neccesities and facilities. Also, this cost includes all our Yoga & Meditation lessons and the optional programme's provision. If you wish to participate in one of our optional activites (i.e a boat trip)you need to pay extra for your ticket.

Ikaria Yoga Retreat 2018 :July 11-July 18th  & T.Training: July 11-July 16

We love Ikaria's particular culture and strong community feeling. Ikaria's authentic dance andusic festivities, and its plurality in herbs, plants and the richness of landscapes.We love th crystal blie waters and the slow pace of lifestyle.Ikaria has been acclaimed as one of the world's 5 Blue Zones , as its residents reach the highest age of living. Alongside to our yoga & meditation lessons, we offer a versatile programme, including hiking, visits to magnificent traditional villages, live music and dance festivals organised bythe local community, hiking tours etc. We will be touring around Ikaria on a private bus or if you prefer to move independently you can hire a car on your own. We are staying in Kerame hotel, which is 1 klm outside from Evdilos village. The hotel has a lift. And each room has akitchen with a cook. 540 euros (in a single room)-400 (in a double shared with one more person room).This is the cost for 7 nights accomodation in beautiful Kerame hotel  including breakfast with Ikaria organic delicacies, in rooms of all modern neccesities and facilities. Also, this cost includes all our Yoga & Meditation lessons and the optional programme's provision.We simply love Ikaria island, and we always return here to run a yoga retreat. This is our  6th yoga retreat in Ikaria!

*If you are only interested in our ikaria intensive teacher training July 11-16, please read below for details.*

You can book your place in our retreats with a deposit of 100 euros. (The deposit will be excluded from the total participation cost). You can complete the total cost payment until June.

Our lessons & teaching style:

Our Yoga and Meditation lessons are tailored to welcome a general level of practitioners. However, our main priority is to acknowledge our students' individual capacities and needs and to enable a personal improvement. To achieve that, we are  two long experienced  teachers co-leading the classes. Classes include Hatha Yoga, Pranayama breathing, guided Meditation and relaxation, elements from Scaravelli, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Therapeutic Yoga, The yoga of circle and cross, Transcendental Meditation,  and other holistic disciplines such as Thai massage.

All lessons are taught by   Isidora  and Sofia (who are a daughter and a mother yoga teachers) both in English and Greek; These are an outcome of the two teachers' live and constant dialogue representing two different generations of yogis. The lessons also include extended  Pranayama breathing exercises, techniques for Mindfulness, restorative yoga for therapy and re-energisation, yogic exercises and routines  for control weight, balance ometabolism and the nervous system.We are  inspired from Hatha Yoga, Iyengar,ashtanga, Partner Yoga and Vinyasa systems.  Hatha  Yoga is the type of Yoga that includes both physical exerices, Pranayama and meditation.

The natural environment of the island plays a crucial role in the development of  our yoga classes.

Not only because the environment inspires us in relation to the words we convey our teaching, but also because we actually use our natural surroundings, for the implementation of  our practice.We identify the potentialities for practicing

Yoga in the natural environment of the island and adapt our practice accordingly, by moving through it, over

and under its features. Participants are closely instructed and encouraged to develop alternatives to techniques

that are tailored to their personal needs.

How can I get to Ikaria? How can I get to Nisyros island?

You can fly from abroad (i.e London) directly to the Greek islands of Samos/Kos/Limnos(i.e with Ryanair), or to the cities of Thessaloniki and Athens and from there- fly or take a ferry to Ikaria(flights with Skyexpress, Aegean Airways, Astra Airlines).

Yu can arrive to Nisyros by getting a direct flight from Your country of residence to Kos. From Kos it is a short boat trip to nIsyros with Panagia Spyliani company, or Dodecanisos Express. There are daily routes, several a day.

If you need further assistance with organizing your trip please click here or  contact us

Teachers' Training course in Ikaria: July 11-July 16, 2018

This course is taking place in Atheras-Kerame hotel. As the lessons start early in the mornings, it is highly advisable that you book your accomodation in the same hotel.

This is an intensive five days course of Yoga, that includes both Theory and Practice. The course's fee is 300 euros.
The cost of 5 night accommodation, in a single room is 217 euros, or in a double shared room is 132 euros.

Who is this training course suitable for? 

The course is suitable for all health professionals, yoga teachers, or anyone who wishes to have a deep insight in

Yoga and gain teaching skills, taught by Sofia, a 46 years of experience teacher. The course is certificated by the

Eyzein respectable Yoga School recognized from the International Yoga Federation.

Please Contact us for more details on the theme and the daily schedule.

More of our Past Yoga Retreats

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Every summer, we have an unforgettable time in our Yoga Retreats in the Greek  islands. We enjoyed, the

islanders' hospitality, cuisine, customs, and of course the islands' clean air, the natural, unspoiled beauty. The

islands' have been an inspiration for our Yoga teaching, we've all become healthier, re-energized physically and

mentally, and that helped us to go on healthier and happier through the winter. This summer, we are in front of

an ethical dilemma: Can we run our annual yoga retreats  in our beloved Greek islands in the middle of this

dramatic refugee crisis?After a lot of thought, we have decided that we should run our retreats and not turn our

back  to the islands that have hosted us with such 

hospitality all the years before. We have been always trying to 'support' the least touristic islands of Greece with

our yoga retreats. And it is now in these islands where the locals together with foreigner volunteers too,work

daily on rescuing,offering food, roof and warmth to the people who have been enforced to become refugees.

Their actions inspire  hope, admiration, and are 'a real lesson of  solidarity, compassion and appraise of life'.  

Isn't that what Yoga Philosophy and practice should all be about? Becoming a better human. Of course, we still

hold respect for every individuals' personal need to have a restful time in our yoga retreat, and this is what we

continue to offer as well. But, in this summer's retreats we will all get deeper in our practice and face the

insuperable ethical  elevation that derives from conscious action, solidarity and giving. 

Our Yoga Retreats in 2016 were devoted  to all the volunteers and islanders, whose work  we

'enhanced' financially, by offering  10% of the profits from our 2016 retreats and

Training Course, to them.

In 2016 we also, collaborated with Monica, co-hosting her Natura Dance Lab as part of our

optional programme.

 NATURA (ΦΥΣΗ) DanceLab:

Open to all those who want to experiment with their creativity and experience the environment through

movement. No previous dance experience is required, but the will to research and desire to get involved. The lab

will be in outdoor spaces in the magnificent seacoast environment of IkariaWe will find together a creative way

to relate to the Nature, the others and ourselves.

It will be a place of conscious listening and personal exploration. Our surrounding will inspire us and we will

share the dance! Each meeting will include: Moving with the gravity, exploration of the support and the

momentum that we can find from the ground Improvisation: body-mind approaches and Contact Dance.

We will explore pressures, support, weight, balance and imbalances with each other and with the 

space.We will stimulate our senses and perceptions to generate harmony with the environment the other and of

ourselves.Voice work: we will find integration of our vocal expression with our movement.Development of

collective scores with site-specific approaches. Observation on the experience and sharing of the dance.