Isidora, has been teaching Yoga since 2003, but she was first introduced  to yoga as a child, by her mother- Sofia-an established Yoga teacher in Greece. As a teenager, alongside with Yoga practice she took up professional finswimming, and tried other sports such as high jumping, and dancing. However,since her early 20s she devoted in the study and practice of yoga, realizing that yoga was the best way to help her overcome her asthma and spine problem (scoliosis). She also saw yoga  as a  system  of philosophizing  both with the mind and the body,pursuing for balance.

In parallel to her social studies at university, she attended the respected EyZein Yoga Teacher Training school in Greece, studying for 4 years(692hrs)Hatha yoga, including B.K.S Iyengar, Astanga, Scaravelli, Viny Yoga, therapeutic Yoga of circle and cross and Yoga philosophy in relation to ancient Greek philosophy.  She acquired an advanced Yoga Teacher's diploma recognised by the International Yoga Federation. And  continued  studying  in  various workshops and courses in Yoga Nidra with Andre Riehl, Anusara Yoga with Todd Tessen,Occam's Razor methodology with Dr Shiv Sharma, to name a few examples. Also, she participated in the International and European Yoga Federations' Conferences in Greece, in Denmark  and Italy with yoga performances and presentations.

Today, Isidora is a co-operator of the Eyzein Yoga School in Greece, and as a fully insured teacher in UK, runs a variety of weekly classes in Scotland. She has been also teaching Yoga in festivals, retreats and organized free of cost workshops to community groups and organisations both in Greece and in UK.  She came in Scotland in 2007 to acquire an Msc in Cultural Studies at the Edinburgh University, and later an advanced Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice(Adam Smith College 2009).

She has been facilitating a community health group(part of the Welcoming association)that offers to ethnic minority groups different type of activities such as yoga, theatre,cycling, art-therapy  aiming to raise health awareness and well being within the community. Also,  she has been teaching Yoga on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council (Adult Education) for elder people  and for people with learning and physical disabilities on a weekly class, and as part of the Edinburgh Mental Health Festival. Her long Yoga experience, diverse educational and occupational background, enabled her to create an inclusive and popular way of teaching, accessible, enjoyable and beneficial to all.