Each  class offers a precise and deep practice in diverse Hatha Yoga methodologies adapted from key Hatha yoga schools  including Iyengar, Scaraveli, and Therapeutic Yoga of circle and cross but with a strongly personalized approach. In other words, the class is adapted to individuals' personal needs aiming to restore and provide therapy of the physical body.

Isidora's classes combine the Yogic experience together with the personalized and theoretical framework of a physiotherapy session.

Every class includes: a)asanas(static yoga poses)and stretchings that develop body balance, and flexibility,b) Pranayama(breathing exercises to improve among others concetration and relaxation ability,c)Vinyasa flow approaches(sequences of asanas in continuous movement connected  with breathing) for greater strength and revitalization and d) meditation- enhancing positivity and mindfulness.

Isidora's gentle approach, long experience, precise teaching and close guidance, make her classes accessible and strongly beneficial to all; irrespective of  capacity, age or sex.

Classes are now available on Skype, on a time of your convenience!


The Creative Yoga

Inspired from different Yoga schools- Partners Yoga , yoga for therapy, Vini, Iyengar. to name a few- isidora has developed the style of 'Creative Yoga.' In that, Isidora incorporates wisely elements from her physical theatre experience and other holistic disciplines together, aiming to open the paths for joyful bodies and minds, and to unlock our creativity, develop personal awareness and presence. 

Prenatal (Antenatal) Yoga  -  Mums & Baby Yoga

A pregnant that faces no serious complications, and under good guidance can practice Yoga from the very start of her pregnancy.Prenatal Yoga practice will enable her to gain a great control of her body and of her breath which helps her to overcome  general or particular  to the pregnancy and birth giving, fears. She can also manage to control her weight, and gain great relief from pain connected with the hormonal and physical changes that occur during the pregnancy and after. In Yoga with your young baby you enjoy a calming and relaxing space that is achieved through a)breathing techniques and singing mantras enhancing your personal connection with your baby, b) baby massage, c) revitalizing somatic exercises that improve your physicality and mood. Socializing both for you and your baby. 

The Prenatal/mums & babies classes include:Practice in static poses 

for more flexibility, strength,muscles'control and relief (asanas).

Breathing  exercises to gain breath

control (pranayama) Neuromuscular contractions


Methods for relaxation and meditation. All above techniques are exclusively applied to the needs of each participant. We will use yoga pillows, bricks and belts, to avoid  discomfort during our practice  and the class will offer us pleasure and relief. 

Partner and Acro yoga 

Asanas are  developed and adapted to be practised in partners, enabling the practitioners to deepen in every exercise, but also making yoga a dynamic, interactive, fun and shared experience. 

Yoga for older adults 

The practice of yoga is essential, in order to strengthen your heart and vitalize all internal organs. Our body and organism is like a machine that with the pass of years is in greater and more frequent need of 'maintenance'. Yoga practice not only helps you to maintain your body strong and healthier but also to hold  positive thinking. 

The pass of years, and more experiences are viewed via yoga practice, as valuable advantages that enable the development of  personal wisdom and holistic health.  

Yoga for Children

Children from 5 to 12 years old, are introduced to Yoga techniques through playful ways such as games and stories. They become aware of their bodies and breathing, and in that way build confidence, enhance their immune system and enabled towards a holistic and health  life attitude.

To register your interest for a class  contact Isidora.


 Group Classes Fee:

Block of 4 classes:£28,8 classes £48 and 12 classes £60The 4 classes' block cover  a month's classes while the 8 nd 12 classes' block can be used within 2 or 3 subsequent months' time.Taster: £5.  Drop in: £8. 

  One to one tuition can be arranged on

any time of your convenience and adjusted

entirely on your own needs. 

1 hour's session:£40 or £350 for a block of 10 classes. 

90 minutes session:£55 or £480 for a block of 10.